FEBRUARY 15, 2014

About the LMSL

About the LMSL

The Lower Mainland Soccer League based in the Fraser Valley!

The development of the LMSL has come about because we as players, coaches, Club Executive, and referees have found that choices are currently not available to meet the needs of all players and teams in our soccer community.   The LMSL’s goal is to allow people to play soccer and recognize that sport is part of an active life style in British Columbia.  The LMSL wants to provide an outlet for Teams and Players to enjoy the game recognizing that sometimes life does get in the way of being able to play.

Having worked on a number of boards, with Leagues based in the Lower Mainland, it has become apparent that as Leagues have developed they tend to facilitate the higher level teams whereas our focus will be on ensuring that the rules will be developed to effectively govern each level of play appropriately.

We feel it is important in order for soccer to continue to grow in the Lower Mainland that all youth players have an opportunity to continue to play.  Our vision for a U20 Division is based on enabling Youth players coming out of youth levels  3 & 4, to continue to play and participate in the game they have enjoyed since childhood!  Currently even in the lower divisions of existing leagues, due to the competitive nature, young players are shying away from the game.  There is a need for a model which allows our under 20’s to play at the level they played in youth and continue to develop and eventually feed into the adult game.  We look to provide this.

The Lower Mainland Soccer League is a registered not for profit Society which caters to Men’s and Women’s Teams based in the Lower Mainland.  The League plays under FIFA’s Laws of the Game.

The LMSL offers Divisions in both Men’s and Women’s categories; developing  Premier, Division 1- 4, U21’s as well as Masters, Classics and new divisions, to include Competitive Over 40 Men’s, Recreational Over 40 Women’s (2015/2016 season) and U20’s; committing to our  mandate of enabling people to be involved in soccer for a life time. 

The Leagues focus is on allowing teams to play soccer.  We understand that things happen and we hope to be able to address situations with common sense and offer alternatives to Teams. Please refer to our Rules and Regulations.

One of the League’s mandates is to support soccer.  As the League develops, grants will be offered to Clubs, Teams and Players to help them support soccer in the Communities in which they live and play.

The LMSL will launch its inaugural season this spring with a Classics Division!  We are in the process of being a Full Member of BC Soccer and saying that in the future look to offer Provincial Spots in all applicable Divisions.  We will keep you informed as this process moves forward.  If we have missed something that you feel would make a difference for you as a player, team or club we would love to hear from you.

For further information please contact at:

Lower Mainland Soccer League… Let’s you play the game!
See you on the pitch!

Kind Regards,
Lower Mainland Soccer League Board of Directors


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